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Australian Heritage Turkey Society Inc. (AHTSI)

Trouble-Free Turkeys brought together turkey enthusiasts and experts for a week-end of great learning and enjoyment. Follow the links for helpful information.

Threats to Your Business - Vaughan Chenoweth

Features of a Good Pure-Bred Turkey - Megg Miller

Megg has also included her presentation in the April/May 2017 edition of Australasian Poultry.

Turkey Nutrition - Alex Stewart

Clicker-Training of Poultry & the Attitudes of Stock People - Dr Susan Hazel

Hatching Turkeys - Dr Kim Critchley

Micro-Abattoirs - Greg Prider

Greg spoke from his 37+ years of hands-on meat industry experience, and described the legal and practical steps to constructing a micro-abattoir. Greg's retail outlet is The Chook Shed in Port Pirie.

Basic Turkey Colour Genetics - Megan Crase

Avian Influenza- Dr Kim Critchley

New varieties; Exporting Eggs to the USA; Feathers as a Saleable Item - Daryl Deutscher

Tuxedo Black feathers - part of Daryl Deutscher's presentation on turkey feathers as a saleable item.