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Australian Heritage Turkey Society Inc. (AHTSI)

Articles & Common Turkey Diseases

Common Turkey Diseases

Tasty Turkey page 31, Australasian Poultry magazine, Volume 29 No 5, Dec/Jan 2018-19.

Click here for some tasty turkey recipes prepared by Claire Longbottom from Freshwater Turkeys in South Australia: Turkey Meatballs, Turkey & Cranberry Schnitzels, Turkey Lasagne, Paleo Turkey Pesto Meatballs, Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey Sausage Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce. 

Standard Turkey Colours page 32, Australasian Poultry magazine, Volume 29 No 6, Feb/March 2019.

Top End Purebred Turkeys page 16, Australasian Poultry magazine, Volume 30 No 1, April/May 2019.